6 Signs She Is Interested In You


Since dating seems difficult and foreign women seeking men can be unpredictable sometimes, men are having difficulty in figuring out whether the woman they’re dating is really interested in them. What most men fear is rejection. Not most men have the courage to take the risk when given the chance to date their ideal woman. That’s why they first have to make sure there is a mutual feeling between them and their preferred women so as to safely proceed to the next level.

More often than not, it’s so hard to tell whether a woman starts to get interested in you or just sees you as a good friend. If you already have your heart set on a particular woman and wondering if she feels the same, learn these signs out to avoid heartbreak.

  • She makes eye contact with you.

You can tell that a girl is interested in you when she makes a lot of eye contact when you talk to her. This doesn’t just mean she’s doing it unconsciously but also, she wants to get your attention somehow. She wants you to notice her. On the other hand, there are women who refrain from making eye contact with the men they’re interested in so as not to appear obvious. Do not get puzzled by these two. It’s either she gives you much attention or is too shy to face you.

  • She loves talking to you all the time.

This can be tricky at times because some women like to converse with you for two reasons: it’s either you’re nice to talk to or she’s trying to spend time and get close to you. Pay close attention to this one. You would know if she’s interested in you when she loves spending plenty of time just to talk to you. It’s obvious when she’s investing so much time for you because she’s going out of her way to do it. Don’t be confused when it comes to this sign. Notice her actions.

  • She finds excuses just to communicate with you.

It is just normal for most women not to make the first move, most especially during personal encounters. However, you can tell that a certain woman is interested in you when she finds excuses to communicate with you. She opens up a few nonsense stuff just to talk to you and texts you back immediately all the time. When a woman is interested in a particular man, she will sometimes find ways to make her noticed.

  • She changes her mood easily when you’re near.

At first, it is important to know her personality well, so like the way she interacts with her friends in order for you to be aware of how she behaves when you’re with her. One of the signs that would tell you she is into you is when she gets more cheerful whenever you’re around. It could be the other way around too. She may also get shy and will just avoid looking at you straight in the eyes. It’s confusing; that’s why you need to know and observe first how she socializes with other people.

  • She makes it clear that she’s single.

When she’s fascinated with you, she will always make it known she’s not in a relationship. She wants to make sure you are not mistakenly thinking that she has a boyfriend. She often sees to it that you know for certain she’s single and available. She doesn’t want you to think she’s taken so she will find ways to make it clear she’s into you and not into somebody else.

  • She wants to know everything about you.

A woman who likes you will always want to get to know you more. She may ask for your entire background: who are your parents, where did you study, where do you fit in the order of your siblings, what do you do for the living, and the list goes on. She wants to know what type of person you are, as a son, brother, friend, or even boyfriend. Women usually do these to men they get interested in.

If you have seen these signs in that woman you are currently dating, then you are bound to prepare for your next steps. Your journey for true love will be made easier when you first try to discern the possibility of gaining a YES from your desired woman by these hints.


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