Dating Asian Women: Making Relationships Work


Being in a relationship is not a happily-ever-after kind of life just like those in fairy tales. The fights, the arguments, the misunderstandings are just some of the many things that you have to work on together during the course of your relationship especially if you have to deal with cultural differences. If you think you have it all covered and figured out if you have dated women before, you may have to think again because Asian women can make a difference to that.

Some Asian culture can be totally different from the Western ways. There could be instances when you both have misunderstood each other’s point of views and end up with an argument. Indeed, the dating scene can be difficult with Asian women but there will always be ways around it. Any misunderstandings and arguments can be solved with no more than an honest effort of the couple to work it out. Hence, there are things that you could do to make your relationship with Asian women work:

● Accept that you are both culturally different
First and foremost, when you date someone internationally, you have to accept your differences. Acknowledge the fact that you are both raised in different ways and in accordance with your culture and values. This way, you’ll have easier access to a whole new frontier of knowledge as you are about to delve into both of your cultural premises. This will keep you open to changes as well. Acknowledging your differences means greater chances of going around the differences you have for your relationship, if not make you overcome them.

● Take the time to experience each other’s countries
It is already given that international dating means you have to deal and endure physical distance. Some may find this as a reason for the relationship to fail, yet this could actually be a ground where you both can learn. You both can gain and discover something new through experiencing each other’s countries. Asian women love to show their culture to foreigners and make them experience a little bit of how their part of the world is. This way, you do not only learn about her culture but also of her and vice versa.

● Always keep the communication line
The first thing you may have to encounter in dating Asian women, or dating
internationally in general, is the language barrier. Now, we all know this can be a difficult field to conquer but it is doable. Both of you have to make an effort to learn how to effectively communicate with each other. Communicating does not only mean that you have to learn each other’s verbal language but as well as the nonverbal one — body language and tonality of the voice. The key to communicating effectively is not just to respond or to react but to understand. Having this line kept open means that you have to reach out to each other. Do not just hear, instead, listen. Do not just comprehend, rather, understand.

● Go on different adventures together
What keeps the excitement in a long-term relationship alive? It’s the adventures you both take. It may seem that Asian women are shy and timid but they do love a good adventure. They are outgoing individuals and would love to spend time exploring and discovering new things. Doing so will not only let both of you look forward to something new but also of the memories you could create together. The new things you experience together will not just be a one-day memory. You both will remember it and cherish it together. It creates a bond between the two of you keeping the connection you both have stronger and, in time, unbreakable.

There could be a hundred and one or maybe a thousand reasons for a relationship not to work but you only need one reason to keep it going and that should be love. No relationship is ever going to be perfect. You just need to find that right girl who’s willing to make it work with you. One thing is for sure, you could find one with Asian women because they are ladies who are willing to fight in the name of love.


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