Making Relationships with Asian Women Work


Relationships are never just roses and rendezvous and dating Asian Women doesn’t differ from that trend. You will almost certainly experience fights, arguments, and misunderstandings along the way, like in any coupling. But these issues can be overcome, together, especially when dating Asian women. Her culture, traditions, and language may be totally different from yours, but her priorities revolve around getting married and building a family.

Asian culture tends to differ from that of Western countries though. Arguments and misunderstandings will most likely spring from these distinct differences in point of view. Dating Asian women may seem like a daunting task with these differences in mind but, as Theodore Roosevelt said: “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

Misunderstandings and arguments can usually be solved with a conscious effort from both sides to work it out.  Here are the things you can do to make your relationship with Asian women work:

  •     Embrace Your Cultural Differences

First and foremost, when dating someone internationally, you have to accept your differences. Acknowledge and embrace the fact that you are both from different places and were raised differently, in accordance with your respective cultures and values.

Rather than treating your differences as a relationship hindrance, look at them as an avenue for learning instead. Doing so, you’ll find yourselves appreciating unprecedented access to a new frontier of intimate cultural knowledge. This will allow you to respect each other even more and be increasingly sensitive to each other’s unique beliefs, values, and traditions.

Taking the best from each other’s culture and leaving the negatives behind is a great way to create an amazing multicultural household.

  •     Don’t let distance get in the way

Enduring the physical distance between each other is a given in international dating. Some may see this initial hurdle as a reason for relationships to fail. This could, however, actually be a great way to further strengthen your trust and faith in each other. But at some point, physical barriers of distance will need to be overcome to take your relationship to the next level.

Being from different nations affords you both the ability to discover something new by experiencing each other’s countries. Asian women are proud of their culture, heritage, and history. They are more than happy to show people from other countries their way of life and the uniqueness of their background.

There is so much to gain by engaging in the multicultural coupling. The last thing you should do is let distance get in the way of relationships with Asian beauties. If you consider establishing the endurance of your relationship as a challenge, the physical distance will lead to a stronger connection and new discoveries. It’s quite literally the best of both worlds.

  •     Always Keep Up Communication

One of the most pressing issues that you need to address when dating Asian women are the language barrier. This may seem a difficult hurdle to overcome at first, but it’s actually quite doable.

Communication is most assuredly a two-way street. You and your Asian girl must certainly make a good-faith effort to effectively communicate with each other. This entails being around each other enough to learn the non-verbal cues and body language that only intimate time together can teach. Ultimately, the key to communicating effectively is to listen, instead of just hearing, and to try to truly understand each other, rather than just comprehending.

  •     Enjoy Adventures Together

What helps you keep a long-term relationship exciting? Typically, it’s the adventures that you share together. These are the moments around which you build your interconnected lives. While Asian women may initially appear shy and timid, they are often adrenaline junkies as well. Many Asian women are actually outgoing individuals who love to spend time exploring and discovering new things.

Going on adventures together will keep things fresh and always give you something new to look forward to. This will also allow you to create memories that you will cherish and look back on for years to come. These remarkable moments will only draw you closer together and create an unbreakable bond between you and your Asian girl.

There could be a hundred and one reasons for a relationship to fail, but you only need one reason to maintain it, and that reason is love. No relationship is ever going to be absolutely perfect. You just have to find the right lady who’s willing to make it work for you and with you. Once you’ve already found the woman for you in Asia, be sure to employ these tips to achieve a harmonious relationship with Asian women.


Dating Asian Women: Making Relationships Work


Being in a relationship is not a happily-ever-after kind of life just like those in fairy tales. The fights, the arguments, the misunderstandings are just some of the many things that you have to work on together during the course of your relationship especially if you have to deal with cultural differences. If you think you have it all covered and figured out if you have dated women before, you may have to think again because Asian women can make a difference to that.

Some Asian culture can be totally different from the Western ways. There could be instances when you both have misunderstood each other’s point of views and end up with an argument. Indeed, the dating scene can be difficult with Asian women but there will always be ways around it. Any misunderstandings and arguments can be solved with no more than an honest effort of the couple to work it out. Hence, there are things that you could do to make your relationship with Asian women work:

● Accept that you are both culturally different
First and foremost, when you date someone internationally, you have to accept your differences. Acknowledge the fact that you are both raised in different ways and in accordance with your culture and values. This way, you’ll have easier access to a whole new frontier of knowledge as you are about to delve into both of your cultural premises. This will keep you open to changes as well. Acknowledging your differences means greater chances of going around the differences you have for your relationship, if not make you overcome them.

● Take the time to experience each other’s countries
It is already given that international dating means you have to deal and endure physical distance. Some may find this as a reason for the relationship to fail, yet this could actually be a ground where you both can learn. You both can gain and discover something new through experiencing each other’s countries. Asian women love to show their culture to foreigners and make them experience a little bit of how their part of the world is. This way, you do not only learn about her culture but also of her and vice versa.

● Always keep the communication line
The first thing you may have to encounter in dating Asian women, or dating
internationally in general, is the language barrier. Now, we all know this can be a difficult field to conquer but it is doable. Both of you have to make an effort to learn how to effectively communicate with each other. Communicating does not only mean that you have to learn each other’s verbal language but as well as the nonverbal one — body language and tonality of the voice. The key to communicating effectively is not just to respond or to react but to understand. Having this line kept open means that you have to reach out to each other. Do not just hear, instead, listen. Do not just comprehend, rather, understand.

● Go on different adventures together
What keeps the excitement in a long-term relationship alive? It’s the adventures you both take. It may seem that Asian women are shy and timid but they do love a good adventure. They are outgoing individuals and would love to spend time exploring and discovering new things. Doing so will not only let both of you look forward to something new but also of the memories you could create together. The new things you experience together will not just be a one-day memory. You both will remember it and cherish it together. It creates a bond between the two of you keeping the connection you both have stronger and, in time, unbreakable.

There could be a hundred and one or maybe a thousand reasons for a relationship not to work but you only need one reason to keep it going and that should be love. No relationship is ever going to be perfect. You just need to find that right girl who’s willing to make it work with you. One thing is for sure, you could find one with Asian women because they are ladies who are willing to fight in the name of love.

6 Signs She Is Interested In You


Since dating seems difficult and foreign women seeking men can be unpredictable sometimes, men are having difficulty in figuring out whether the woman they’re dating is really interested in them. What most men fear is rejection. Not most men have the courage to take the risk when given the chance to date their ideal woman. That’s why they first have to make sure there is a mutual feeling between them and their preferred women so as to safely proceed to the next level.

More often than not, it’s so hard to tell whether a woman starts to get interested in you or just sees you as a good friend. If you already have your heart set on a particular woman and wondering if she feels the same, learn these signs out to avoid heartbreak.

  • She makes eye contact with you.

You can tell that a girl is interested in you when she makes a lot of eye contact when you talk to her. This doesn’t just mean she’s doing it unconsciously but also, she wants to get your attention somehow. She wants you to notice her. On the other hand, there are women who refrain from making eye contact with the men they’re interested in so as not to appear obvious. Do not get puzzled by these two. It’s either she gives you much attention or is too shy to face you.

  • She loves talking to you all the time.

This can be tricky at times because some women like to converse with you for two reasons: it’s either you’re nice to talk to or she’s trying to spend time and get close to you. Pay close attention to this one. You would know if she’s interested in you when she loves spending plenty of time just to talk to you. It’s obvious when she’s investing so much time for you because she’s going out of her way to do it. Don’t be confused when it comes to this sign. Notice her actions.

  • She finds excuses just to communicate with you.

It is just normal for most women not to make the first move, most especially during personal encounters. However, you can tell that a certain woman is interested in you when she finds excuses to communicate with you. She opens up a few nonsense stuff just to talk to you and texts you back immediately all the time. When a woman is interested in a particular man, she will sometimes find ways to make her noticed.

  • She changes her mood easily when you’re near.

At first, it is important to know her personality well, so like the way she interacts with her friends in order for you to be aware of how she behaves when you’re with her. One of the signs that would tell you she is into you is when she gets more cheerful whenever you’re around. It could be the other way around too. She may also get shy and will just avoid looking at you straight in the eyes. It’s confusing; that’s why you need to know and observe first how she socializes with other people.

  • She makes it clear that she’s single.

When she’s fascinated with you, she will always make it known she’s not in a relationship. She wants to make sure you are not mistakenly thinking that she has a boyfriend. She often sees to it that you know for certain she’s single and available. She doesn’t want you to think she’s taken so she will find ways to make it clear she’s into you and not into somebody else.

  • She wants to know everything about you.

A woman who likes you will always want to get to know you more. She may ask for your entire background: who are your parents, where did you study, where do you fit in the order of your siblings, what do you do for the living, and the list goes on. She wants to know what type of person you are, as a son, brother, friend, or even boyfriend. Women usually do these to men they get interested in.

If you have seen these signs in that woman you are currently dating, then you are bound to prepare for your next steps. Your journey for true love will be made easier when you first try to discern the possibility of gaining a YES from your desired woman by these hints.

Tips on How to Make Your Relationship Stronger


Many have mistaken the real definition of relationship. A relationship is actually more than just physical attraction or shared interests. It is not just simply a true love. It takes more than that to really make the relationship work; more so, make it stronger. There are many relationships that failed at the end of the day no matter how in love the couples may seem. Most likely, it isn’t how you want your relationship to end.

Every couple wishes and hopes that in the long run, they are the ones for keeps and you are no exemption to that desire. To know more about spicing your relationship up, here are some tips that might help you in doing so:

  • Know that there’s no such thing as perfection. Some people tend to treat their relationship as perfect kind, however, we must bear in mind that there is no such thing as that. Yes, there is a happy relationship, but that must be worked on by both of you. With that being said, you must also accept each other’s imperfection to really make your relationship work. Obstacles are always there— big or small. The key to surpass it all is to fight with it together.
  • Appreciate your partner’s effort. You must learn to value the efforts your partner has done. No matter how small that effort is, your partner’s attempt at trying to make your relationship better must still be valued. By just showing small yet sweet gestures like a pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek or forehead, or a hug can be of a great move.
  • Give each other space. Every couple in a relationship needs time to be away from each other too. Even if you are a couple, it doesn’t mean you have to be together every minute of the day. Giving each other space doesn’t also mean you two will break up. It simply means a time which allows each of you to spend time on your own and focus on your needs as an individual. The distance might give you the time to think about how to improve one’s self or your relationship.


  • Respect that space. When your partner asks for it, never hesitate. If he or she needs time to be away from you, especially after darker days, give it and respect it. It helps your partner to think clearly and make better decisions about your current situation or even in life generally. Keep in mind that you have to respect your partner as a person as well. Certainly, this applies to you too.
  • Work on your problem together. When you are in a relationship, always overcome the challenges together. The word ‘we’ is really important. Every problem must be resolved through a joint action. Surpassing a problem alone will only result in blaming each other. If you’re facing it alone, then why are you staying in that relationship?
  • Don’t let the spark die as time goes by. It might be a bit corny, but maintaining the sweetness can help a relationship grow fonder as time goes by. Sweet gestures like giving your partner cards or love letters randomly remind both of you that your love is meant to be shown not only through luxurious things but even in the simplest way possible. That’s how a relationship must work.
  • Have fun together. The saying goes ‘laughter can light up a sad atmosphere’ also applies in a relationship. Given that, it is a must that you have to enjoy quality time together. It can be sharing jokes or new experiences. You may also listen to your partner’s embarrassing stories and laugh at each other’s clumsiness. These instances allow you to breathe and relax especially if you are going through serious complications.
  • Be each other’s number one supporter. Always be happy with your partner’s success and vice versa. If you want to improve your relationship, do not dwell oftentimes on negativity. Never be pessimistic, as long as your relationship benefits from what he or she wants.


  • Daily physical affection is a must. This doesn’t mean you will show PDA (public display of affection) at all times. You have just to be direct as to how you show your love to one another. You may hug or kiss your partner as he or she leaves for work, or when you guys part ways after spending time together. Good morning and good night messages also count. Thus, make it a daily routine.
  • Always ask for the apology when you commit a mistake. According to psychologists, long-lasting relationships are those that used to practice the three A’s: apology, affection, and action. This can be shown by asking for an apology when you make a mistake, be affectionate about your explanation and make a resolution by showing it through actions.
  • Don’t let negativity fog your relationship up. When you argue with your partner, you shouldn’t tell the right to his or her face all of the shortcomings and flaws that one has. It is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. You can tweak your criticisms by focusing on the positive side of the story and improve it eventually.
  • Allow yourself to be strong. For the last part, allow yourself to be strong in times of difficulties. However, do not push your lover away. Allow yourself to be principled and strong and let your partner help you in resolving that situation. Let him or she hold your hand while surpassing the trouble together.

Establishing a stronger relationship is never easy. It requires hard work and efforts. Yet, if you are up for challenges in order to have one, let these tips be of great help to you. If you are into online dating or maybe in a long distance relationship with your lover right now, these tips may help too to make your relationship work at a hand.

Dating Culture for Asian Women

Woman Wearing Conical Hat and Gray Shirt

Asian women are raised traditionally. Their religion is a big part of their character formation. Their reserved and conservative nature is anchored on this aspect of their Asian lives. This is why Asian women remained prim and proper amidst the evolving and modernized world conquered by high liberation. These women maintain true femininity and self-identity.

Dating single Asian women is a lot different from dating Western women. They do not just differ in physical appearances but also on their respective dating practices. To give you a view of what Asian dating culture is, here are a few dating culture key points from some countries in Asia:

Photography of Man and Woman Sitting Together

  • Japan’s Kokuhaku. Sometimes, when you go on a date, you can still be confused whether your date likes you or not. Well, that is something that Japanese people do not worry about. When you go on a date in Japan, it is already certain that your date likes you because of Japan’s dating prerequisite, the Kokuhaku. You cannot go on a date without confessing your feelings to someone you like and that is where the Kokuhaku stage comes in. This stage is where the confession of feelings takes place which is usually done by Japanese women. Men have the choice whether they accept or reject the confession. Yes, Japanese women do the wooing! If the man accepts, this is when a date happens.
  • Thailand’s Third-Wheeler. Thai dating is not into polygamy yet you got to have TWO dates in one setting: your real date plus her chaperone. Monogamy is something important to Thai women. However, Thai dating culture promotes a third-wheeler especially during the first date. Bringing a friend to a date is one thing that is practiced in Thai dating. Your Thai woman’s date serves as a chaperone who keeps an eye on the couple, thus making sure that your date is in good hands and is not taken advantage of. If she insists to bring along a friend on your date, respect her insistence. She is only trying to make sure everything is safe. What you just need to do is to make her feel assured that she doesn’t need to bring one on the next date because your intentions are genuine and pure.
  • China’s High Regards for Men. Women in China are more of the submissive type of women. In dating Chinese women, you are expected to do most of the decisions in the dating process. However, this does not necessarily mean that they do not have something to say. The end-decision may rely on the guys but considering women’s opinion is also important. Chinese women may not make the decision per se but they really want you to at least listen to what they have to suggest. This way, they would know that their thoughts are also of your concern.
  • Philippine’s Harana. Trying to win a date on Philippine women is not as easy as what you think of. Flattering words won’t get you anywhere; you have to take serious actions. Making an effort is how you win Filipinas’ hearts; this is how she makes sure that you are certain and serious about dating her during the courting stage. Contrary to Japan’s Kokuhaku, dating a Filipina means that the guy has to do the effort of winning her over. Talking about making an effort, one Philippine tradition when it comes to courting is through harana. This is equitable to serenading but in a different form. Similarly, the guy also sings his heart out expressing his love but what makes harana different from Western serenading is the way it is done. Harana is done during the night just outside the girl’s bedroom window where she gets to witness the man expressing his love for her under the blanket of stars. Isn’t that romantic?

Shallow Focus Photography of Group of People

Asian dating culture may differ from one country to another but it also has its similarities. No matter where your Asian date is from, expect her to introduce you to her family. Once she does this, you are in a favorable position–for the meantime. Introduction to the family in Asia means that women are willing to commit to the relationship. However, you should remember that Asian culture has close family ties; this means that the opinion of the women’s family matters. Your next mission is to win over her family’s approval and you are good to go.

Online Dating: Do’s and Don’ts in Engaging with a Foreign Relationship

Convenience. Hassle-free. Accessibility. These are some that best describe one’s experience in engaging with online dating. A good platform everyone considered to be of great importance, especially in searching for that one special person one will cherish forever with. But in line with the usage of this dating channel, it is important to know the exemplary and threatening notion in involving with foreign relationships. For your advantage, here are the Do’s & Don’ts of Online Dating:

Do’s:Woman Holding Card While Operating Silver Laptop

1. Be keep on providing personal information. 

Sensitivity to providing data about yourself should be well-managed. This means that you should be aware of giving out your personal details in a dating site of your choice. You should always consider the users of a specific site, this will help you in determining what details you should include in your member profile.


2. Get to know the person first before a meetup.

Getting to know the person first before arranging a meetup is always on your top priorities. Remember that not everyone can be trusted in dating sites so having a knowledge of their personal details is something you should always deal with. This will also end the fright in meeting the person. But take note, know the basics, your meeting might end up very monotonous if you wish to know all details about them.

3. Be Open-Minded.

Once signed up in a certain dating site, you will get to see a lot of attractive profiles and pictures. Be open-minded of the possibility that what you see in their profile is not the same when your meet up. That is why learning the top two factors given above should be recognized.

Don’ts:Close-up of Padlocks Hanging on Heart Shape

1. Providing important information.

Giving out information such as home address, credit card details, etc should not be done. You might be scammed if you do such! Always consider your security in involving with online dating sites. Your safety and security are at risk here.

2. Take months before meeting in person.

Chatting and talking to a person for months before arranging a meetup is not recommended. You will lose all excitement and intimacy if you waste too much time in meeting the person. Here’s one scenario to guide you:

“A couple met through a dating site. They’ve been chatting for months and months, later on, they became a couple. Sound cliché, right? They’ve been in a relationship for over a year, they spent time in video chatting. They already know each other’s details. What happened? They broke up. They realized they do not have that joy of fondness anymore. None of them became interested in each other.”

3. Asking or sending vulgar pictures.

You need to earn respect with the person you’ll be interested in an online dating site. This is done with gaining trust and not asking or sending inappropriate images. These include nudes and sexually-related pictures. You will lose all respect and awe to such user. Please, do not do this.

Take into account these do’s and don’ts. These will help you get that good and exciting feeling when using online dating. Remember that you should be keen and smart with engaging yourself to any foreign relationships.